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[Wednesday]27 September.2017
2nd State Level Manipur Dance Compitition 2017
To be held on 29 October 2017.
Venue: Heirok Part-III Lammari Phangba
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Last date of form submission 23 october 2017
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The 12th science classroom was filled with feelings of excitement mixed with frustration as it was going to be their last day together at school after which they would be appearing their board exam.
Some were weeping and embracing at the thought that they are going to get separated forever, others were taking snaps in group and a few were scribbling on each others back.First time ever the whole classmates looked united though there had been frownings among different gangs outsmarting each other in the past.
To priya the present atmosphere seemed to tear her into shreds.Though she wasn't showing outwardly.she was having her hardest time with great desperation,forit was going to be the last day she'd ever see satya,the only one she'd adored secretly for years.All she could do that, moment was stare at satya for the last time,who was by then taking? snapshots with his friends.
Days passed quickly and their board exam drew in and went. Soon after that, everyone got dispersed to different places seeking their destinations like the seeds scattering away from the same flower. Many went abroad including priya and a few left behind including satya.
Satya belonged to a poor family,but he was gifted with good brain.He was a studious and a hardworking lad.He started his graduation and worked very hard for it.He had two determination,the first one was to get a prestigious job to remove his prevailing poverty and keep his parents happy,the second was to propose someone which he had kept hidden in his heart throughout...priya.. was priya.Those days his poverty stood as his inability to stand before her and confess his feelings. All those years that went during his schooldays he thought of no other girl except her.Her sincerity, cheerfulness and calm nature had perhaps won his heart,..but unlucky was he that he never sensed even once that priya too liked him. There,on the other side too p!riya also studied at her best level but she wasn't as bright as satya.She also had an objective,to become a person suitable enough to confront satya because she regarded him to high standards.Her spirits were always lifted whenever the image of his serene look crossed her mind.Something that she always envied of him was his captivative smile that shows off his white pearline teeth. After 5 years, she returned from Bangalore accomplishing her studies. And soon after, luckily she got a government job suitable for her.She was overwhelmed with joy thinking that reaching upto satya was only a few steps away. There too,satya got appointed as an SDO and was given posting at Imphal west. He knew his first aim was fulfilled but his second was still incomplete, and so he decided to set out looking for her.He gathered informations through his friends of, her whereabouts.He was told that after getting a job she and her family had shifted from the city and her address thereafter was not certain. He got worried as another challenge cropped up.He was afraid thinking that if after getting a job she might have got married or not. Fortunately, one day his quest came to an end.While he and his brother, Raj were selecting shoes from one of the shoe store at pologround market,his eye caught the sight of a familiar face waiting for magic (van) through the glass door of the shop...Instantly leaving his brother, Raj behind, he rushed out towards the main road. He saw priya climbing in the van.He tried calling out her mame,but his voice got dissolved in the noisy traffic. The jolting of the vehicles was making a hindrance for him.Dodging the traffic he somehow crossed the road,but during the time the van was already beginning to move ahead. He hurriedly ram after the van which was now again stuck in the jam. While eyeing the crowd, priya saw satya walking towards her in quick steps.She couldn't believe her eyes, she was overjoyed on seeing her mostly awaited person .She called him and the later replied happily.On reaching her place, they exchanged a few words of gratitude, then quickly, satya asked her phone no. as the van was beginning to accelerate.She instantly jotted down her no and handed over him.By then, the van had speeded up leaving him behind and they got separated once again.Priya saw him standing and watching at her for a long time till she became out of his sight. 5 minutes later,she got a text from an unknown no.itwas from satya telling her that was his no. That evening, they spent their time together reminiscing the pasts which they both had left in their high school. They chatted for along time, and later at night, satya finally gathered up courage to confess his feelings for her. His heart leaped in great joy when priya readily accepted his love without any hesitation,besides, he was deeply moved on learning that she also had been liking him since a long time.Overnight,their love and affection grew so strong that seemed no third person could ever break their bond. Next day, after a brief chat both decided to have their first date ever.The dating place was chosen at the beautiful boulevard of meitram which was also not much far from meitram makha where priya was dwelling. The place was so chosen because it was a favorite place for both the lovers. The date was fixed 2 days later and priya was getting nervous like never before. The next day she went shopping with her friend to pick up some best outfit to be worn on her date. She became too excited that she couldn't even pay proper attention to anything,she wasn't even taking interest in her favorite dish prepared by her mother. She was most of the time smiling to herself and remained concerned with her looks...The same situation was with satya too,always concerned about his looks,hairdo,checking his suits and practicing dialogues.His new attitude surprised everyone including his parents, but it made them happy. Actually, they were initially worried about his negligence towards any girl. The day arrived, their time was fixed at 2;30.For the first time in her life, priya went to beauty saloon with her friend, sonia and within min,she was turned into a fairy.She couldn't believe even her own looks, as she never knew she was that much beautiful. At 2:30, she informed satya that she was setting out,and the former also said that he was already out and was stuck in the jam. Priya wore a beautiful red frock that reached just her knees,she was looking great in her red dress.Sonia drove her to their meeting place. Just as they reached, satya rang up to tell her that he would e reaching soon and that she need not worry. Priya sent sonia off and herself stood under the shade. She was getting nervier,thinking how should she act before him.At times she was checking her makeup.She eyed her silver wristwatch ,it indicated 2:50pm. There, satya reached kwakeithel.He was riding on his newly bought black pulser looking like a perfect gentleman. He mind was dissolved in a state of complete bliss thinking about her.As he rode, he thanked the almighty for granting him his second wish too.But as he neared Malom,god was no more faithful to him.He failed to notice a heavy vehicle driving awkwardly behind his back......The driver was a drunk,unnoticedof who were driving at his sides,he tried speeding up.Another white car was also approaching from the opposite direction. It so happened that,while overtaking,the truck driver failed to notice the bike,and as a result hit satya's bike with such a great force that he was hurled 10 metres from the colliding site.By the impact of the force satya rolled several times.He didn't lose his conciousness till when the white car was compelled to ran over him in order to avoid its collision with the truck which was driving amok to flee from the scene. The car halted with a screech.The man from the car descended down quickly and rushed towards the body on which he had just ran over. The man got the greatest shock of his life,he saw a young body quivering in a pool of blood fighting for breath.The man stood dumbfounded knowing not what to do for a second. But without losing his mind further,he lift the body and put it into his backseat.He then accelerated his car at top speed all the way to shija hospital. There,on the other side, priya was living at a different world,she was fantasising his arrival and was waiting anxiously for him.Her heartbeat went fast each time she saw any bike approaching, thinking it was satya .But each time she was wronged. It was over 3:00,and there was still no sign of him.At about 3:15 she got extremely worried at his absence.She tried calling him many times but went all in vain,finally an unfamiliar voice responded her call,his voice was shaky and tearful,it was Raj's.He despairingly told her that his brother had just passed in a road accident,.Priyaturned into a stone at the news she just heard from a stranger,she tried hard not to believe and rebuked him considering it a false allegations.Unable to convince her, he told to come and look for herself at the shija hospital,and he burst into crying. She quickly hung the phone stopping herself to believe the truth and decided to wait for satya.Till 3:40pm she waited for him,but seeing no sign of his arrival still,she could no longer stick to her thought of his coming,suddenlyit became unbearable for her to wait further for him.Without delay,she rushed for the hospital,reciting prayers not to let the person be her beloved one...Satya's lifeless body was just taken out from the operation theatre all covered in white. His mother fainted the moment her son 's corpse being brought out. All his family members and friends present there burst into crying beating their chest at the ultimate loss of a precious son and a friend who had been so kind and faithful.It became unbearable to see the sight of the person who had been so happy and cheerful a few moments ago ending on the hospital trolley bed completely dead.The alley filled with their cries calling out his name,and the entire hospital ward was echoed by their sorrowful lamentation. At the far end of the room,stood the man who drove over satya feeling remorseful and greatly disheartened watching them cry like that infront.He blamed himself for making the current situation.In actual fact,the mishap took place while he was returning from his office at bishnupur where he was serving as an executive engineer.A few policeman also was gathered to handle the case. At about 4:30 ,just when everyone was about to wrap up the scene, everyone 's attention shifted to a girl running up along the alley towards them.Her entire face was moistened in tears and perspiration,and her lips were dry.She didn't notice her onlookers,but her gaze was fixed straight at the body on the bed.She was panting and running out of breath, with trembling hands and fearful anticipation,she unveiled the body....The sight of his horrific state devastated her.She felt like a thunderbolt just fell upon her head.She saw the badly distorted and abraded face of her most beloved person. She stood speechlessly,feeling completely shocked, she felt like the ground slipped under her feet.Tears began to run down incessantly as it became the only thing left for her to do.Unable to bear the pain of his parting away from her permanently, she felt herself collapsing on the floor. Then, like a child she began to wail much heartbrokenly calling out his name.Her desperate state once again incited everyone to cry over his loss.Seeing her sorrowful lamentation,satya's aunt tried consoling her, but could not succeed. At last,out of weariness,she finally stopped crying and remained herself seated on the floor. Gradually, the time was also running late ,it turned 6 pm almost,and everyone got ready to leave except that priya was still resuming her position. Her phone rang several times but she didn't pick one,and so finally satya's aunt answered for her.Itwas her parents call enquiring where she was as she was' nt returning home even that late.Later,theyhad to come for themself to fetch priya from the hospital as she wasn't listening to anyone. Even after her parents came,her posture remained the same She neither spoke nor responded to them. They somehow managed to take her away,.seeing her sorry figure her mother too cried knowing not what to do. Reaching home,her parents, brother,and sister in law tried to soothe her to make herself pull up from her grief, but there too,she didn't make a move.She just sat like before. Next day again, they observed not much change in her,she only did what she was told,but never said a word.All the time she sat staring blindly into space.Her strange behavior puzzled everyone. It was when the hour hand pointed 2:30pm that the strangest event took place which left everyone dumbfounded....... Her entire demeanor changed suddenly. Like a normal person in a haste,she began to dress herself up,the one she wore the other day,her red frock,then put on her heels and the silver watch.Her act surprised everyone. At first they presumed that she finally had risen up from her grief, but it was only when they overheard her mumblings that then realised,she wasn't getting better but was becoming worse. She was repeatedly saying "He is coming at 3, i must hurry and wait for him".Her mother wept bitterly on realising what her daughter has turned into. Before anyone could catch hold of her, she dashed out of the house and ran towards thee highway. Her father and brother, suraj ran after her.They took their car along with them.She was heading towards the direction of the boulevard which stood only a few hundreds metres away from her place. They grabbed her and tried to pull back,but she insisted on walking ahead. Vehemently,she tried to free herself from their powerful grasp, and because of that, it was creating a scene for the passers by.So,her father and brother finally withdrew and decided to follow and observe her actions. After reaching her destination, she walked upto her waiting place and stood there in a composed manner, with eyes fixed blindly in space. At about 3:30pm, they saw her retracing back home. Studying her strange behavior, they were convinced that she got a severe nervous breakdown resulted from the shock she underwent the day before. The next day, they consulted a psychiatrist,and after giving a close examination, he told them,she had suffered from a very complicated mental disorder which would gradually increase if she don't get what she wants.Her parents felt extremely broken and hurted.Further,to add more to their suspense, they were told that her cure would be a difficult one ....Her parents tried several reknown hospitals one after another in the only hope to cure their daughter, but each time they were discouraged by its inefficacies.They also tried binding her, locking up and other different ways to prevent herr from going but all their efforts only brought harm to her.She recieved several bruises and injuries while struggling to free herself and even got beaten up from suraj for her stubborness.Herextremely pitiful condition made her parents unable to bear the sight. She missed attending her office too. Due to unsatisfactory treatment in the state ,they took her to various other famous hospitals in the country, but came out with same inefficacious results each time.Rather, they began to face financial crisis.Suraj also lost interest in pursuing her further treatment, anf his wife also began to grumble .In the mean time, her mother fell terribly sick from worrying about her despairing situation. Her condition got worsen, when she began to witness maltreatment towards priya by her brother and sister in law.Her parents felt hopeless and defeated. They left to herself. Whenever she got her attack, either suraj or her fathe used to accompany her, and when it finally recedes they returned together. After a few months, to increase their gloomy ambience,her mother died...On the other hand,oblivious of what was happening around, priya still continued her daily ritual. At home too,she remained the same as before. Divya,her sister in law got fed up seeing their devotions towards priya.She started stirring up complaints in the house,and also inflicted her husband to stop caring about his sister. As a result, suraj also began to treat indifferently towards his sister.Gradually, divya took everything under her control. Most of the time,she blamed priya for making their family go bankrupt. Because of that ,she always looked down on her with disgust. Her father knew all these discriminationsbut seeing his son taking his wife's side,he could only just watch and bear crying inside his heart. Now that his soulmate was also gone,his life was left only for his daughter whose future is filled with darkness. When priya was home,divya used to overburden her with household chores.And so one day,while cleaning an expensive plate which divya received in her dowry,it accidentaly slipped off from her hand and broke it.Hearing the clashing sound of her crockery,sonalibarged into the room and slapped Divya so hard in the face that even woke up her father who was resting in the next room.Not only she slapped but also spat on her.She scolded her so badly that it became unbearable to listen for the weak father.He came out from his room and rebuke divya back for her merciless act towards the innocent girl.But instead of retarding,she rose up on him.She began to hurl abuses and blames on the poor man.Atthis, the old man got extremely furious, unable to hear more of her accusations, he slapped divya on the face, but while doing so, his heart got an attack as a result of his anger and collapsed senselessly on the floor....
.......priya stood shuddering at one corner feeling extremely frightened at divya's violent attitude. Days that followed after her father's death came to her like a hell for her.She was harrassed more than before, she was given less food and made to wear rags.Divya considered her as trash and therefore treated like her like an animal. As a result of the cruel inhumane treatment she recieved, she grew thinner and weaker,her once fair complexion was turned pale and ashen,dark circles surrounded her weary eyes,her dense silky hair was becoming the look of a heap of dry grass.The cloaks she wore while attending her usual service was faded and torn at many places, her high heel shoes was worn out too and her beautiful silver watch lost its glass....As a whole, she was beginning to look like any other demented person.
One day,shekhar was returning home from work 20 minutes earlier. That day, the weather was cool and calm and very few vehicles rode on the highway. He was driving his new black swift enjoying the cool weather and fresh air.Soon he was approaching meitram where he never misses the view of the beautiful boulevard. He deccelerate his car to get a longer view .He suddenly remembered his old days when he used to date his wife in the same spot when they were lovers .And coincidentally,he saw a familiar looking girl standing exactly at the place where he used to date.Atfirst he took her as one of those lovers, but when he gave a second look, instantly remembered her features - the red frock, the straight hair and the lovely face.She was the same girl he had seen at shija hospital about a year back when that unfortunate accident happened. He felt extremely sorry for her as he remembered how pathetically she cried the same day. He drove away erasing those haunting memories deciding not to remind himself of it again presuming that the girl got another boyfriend and that she was waiting for him like any other lovers.
The next day too,he got the chance to return home early as the previous day.Asusual, he took a view of the same boulevard. He was astonished to see the same girl standing at the same position in the same dress. This time he could not apprehend what was all about the situation he was encountering.He doubtfully wondered if she dates everyday at the same location and time..

Out of curiosity, he deliberately left his office early at the same time.And once again, he saw her standing in the same pose like before.Steering his car along the boulevard, he descended down and walked towards her but seeing her not giving even a slight look towards his direction made him feel a little strange.He gestured to get her attention so as to speak to her, but the other, neither responded nor acknowledged his presence.
A passerby who had been watching them from the start came upto shekhar and told that the person whom he was trying to communicate with was an insane.
His statement threw him into a complete bafflement.He couldn't at first agree to his assertion and thought how could it be possible.Toclear his doubts, he asked the man how it turned out that way.The man told him that she visits the place everyday at her fixed time.He further told shekhar that she became that way because of a road accident .Shekhar rose up as he heard him mentioned the word 'accident'.He feared ,if it was the same accident he was involved, that the man was implying to.The man left ,saying it was all he had heard from people who have known about her.He decided to follow her in the hope of knowing her whereabouts.Later,he found out she lived at meitram makha ,also where one of his friend ,named, mahesh lived.
The next day,he visited mahesh' s house to know the truth.There, mahesh began to narrate the entire disheartening story of priya,he told him how she had been once so happy and cheerful but now that she was being crushed under her sister in law' s grip despite her pitiful condition.Shekhar got terribly hurted on realising that the accident caused by him was responsible for making the life of a poor girl so miserable.His heart melted in extreme sympathy ,thinking how badly she might have been living with her cruel sister in law.And without his conciousness,a tear drop ran down his cheeks that surprised mahesh.He did not know that his friend was involved in the same accident he was talking about.
In actual fact,shekhar was a kind and a soft hearted person. He also shared a similar fate as priya.Just after a year of his marriage his wife died of cancer,whom he had loved so dearly and had seven long years of relationship before they got married. Too much hearbroken by her loss,he had decided to stay unmarried forever. Thereafter,in his big and magnificent house, he lived with his widow sister and her 17 year old son, vishal. After listening to the entire heartfelt story of priya,he finally decided to help her throughout his life ,to serve as a penance for his wrongful act.He blamed himself and deeply regreted considering himself for ruining two lives by his one misconduct.He thought, it would have been a lot better if he had been killed in that mishap instead of satya,that way he could be with his loved one in heaven. Reaching home with a heavy heart, he narrated everything to his sister and expressed his wish in helping her to remove from her miserable life.Asshe listened,her eyes filled up with tears in sympathy for priya as she was greatly touched by her sorrowful tale. Also she gladly agreed to her brother's decision. He wanted to foster her in his own house to give her a new life. There, priya was living a horrid life,with little food and clothing given,her feature was resembling that of a beggar. And often, divya complained her husband saying that priya's presence in the house has reduced their image in the society .At times,she used to thrash her considering it as an inauspicious thing to see her face while setting out for work. Fully determined to takeover even if her brother refuse to release her,he went one day to his friend, mahesh,for consulation.His friend told him that it would be better if they take manihar,a far relative to priya,also staying in the same locality.He wanted to take him along so as to persuade her brother in case,if he denied to give her to him. It was 4 pm when they reached priya' s entrance. They were accompanied by madhu,wife of manihar.Just as they reached their gate,they heard divya rebuking at priya.Her harsh words seemed like a dagger piercing the heart to shekhar.He could not bear the image of her scolding to the pitiful girl.Atonce,madhu called out divya to open the gate, divya was astonished on seeing the strangers visiting her place.Bythe time,her husband had not returned from the office. Later, when she was told the purpose of their visit,she became overjoyed taking it as a golden chance to get rid of her.Without giving a second thought, she readily agreed to their wish.Instantly,she dragged priya out from her room and placed before them.Shekhar saw the most pathetic feature.His heart melted in compassion when he saw red lines on her arms evidencing she got them from the harassments she recieved.She winced in pain as she was forcibly dragged out.Shekhar could see the fear of her sister in law hovering around her face.Inthe meantime, divya went inside,and then came out with a load.She placed the bundle on the table and showed them one after another.Itcontained her old cloaks,the red frock, her shoes, and ger watch.Divya described their usage as she laid them out.Everyone seated there cried within seeing the desperate scene of her.Without delay, they got up to depart.Divya coaxed her to go along with them.But seeing signs of her unwillingness to go,Divya pulled her by the arm,but still priya clung on their pillar crying she didn't want to go.Angered by her refusal, divya threatened to give a worst beating if she did not go with them. At this, she burst into crying. Shekhar averted his eyes from her as it became impossible to blink away the tears watching the heartbreaking scene that was erupted out of sympathy. Madhu and manihar consoled her to go along with them, ,,and so finally she gestured of agreement.She took hold of her bundle and held tight against her chest..It was already 6 when they left her place ...
It was getting darker and colder as they set out for the journey. Madhu affectionately wrapped a shawl around her to protect the cold,while priya was still holding her bundle tightly, unaware of where she was heading to....After driving his friends to their home one after another, at last,o ly shekhar and priya were left in the car.He saw her looking at him with a fearful glance. He wanted to comfort her seeing the anxiety and fear she was feeling with him, but, the guilt he felt whenever he looked at her made him unable to do so. Reaching home,hee found vishal and his sister waiting for them at the doorstep.They felt happy and excited at the arrival of their new member.Unlike the former hostile environment she had been through, the new atmosphere wasan entirely a different one.Sobha,shekhar's sister treated her,and vishal too thought her as a sister. But much more than them,it was shekhar who cared her the most.He did every bit of things to cheer her up,but the later stayed in the gloomy mood as she used to be.Toreplace her old cloaks,he bought three more pairs of the same kind,also another three pair of her high heeled shoes of the same design and a beautiful silver coloured metal watch.And as for the daily visit at her sanctum,vishal used to carry her on his bike and spent the time together enjoying the beauty of the place. Even he himself got attached to it. In the meantime, shekhar also didn't stay still, he consulted every psychiatrist for her treatment. Later, when he came to know that her treatment there wouldn't yield desired result, he decided to take her abroad to other country. Also,day by day his fondness for her augmented to a higher extent.Her innocent looks and her childish behaviour had perhaps captured his heart.Atthe same time,Priya was also turning lovelier, her body also retained its original position and her face seemed preetier than before. Even for the spectators too,shekhar's compassion for her became too obvious. It was his plan to take her to america a few months later,after getting his loan from the bank to make the expenses. The first two three months since her arrival went well,but as the season began to shift towards winter, a new problem cropped up for them. Other than her attires, she refused to wear any other clothing despite the chilly evening weather.Though she shivered in cold, she always denied any additional clothes to be wrapped over her red frock. Unable to see her in that state, vishal tried wrapping her on warm shawls on her bosy to prevent the cold,but she always used to dropped them down on the ground. But since her body was not made of steel, she had begun to recieve its effects too.Her health began to decline, She caught a flu.Inspite of her sickness, she still continued her duty in the same manner, which made everyone extremely worried ..
Shekhar was tensed greatly by her stubborness.He felt helpless, she was given medication too,but because of her continuous exposure in the cold made it worthless. Their worries were intensified when she got fever in addition to her prevailing flu. The cold reached its peak as it approached mid winter. Despite her ailing condition, because of her attack vishal unwillingly drove her to her place. And like any other day,one day ,they set out for the journey. The day seemed colder than before, and vishal felt terribly worried for her,as he could feel the chilly wind blowing across his skin. They reached the place at 2:30pm.Priya walked up straight upto her particular place. The day was gloomy and strange, the highway was deserted and not a soul was seen other than them. Vishal was observing the silence with a queer feeling sitting on his bike,waiting for the clock to reach 3:30pm. Then,..unexpectedly, his phone rang. It was his mother's call.Doubtlfully,he received her call,he heard his mother speaking in a frail voice as though weeping. Anxiously,he asked what had happened to her.She moanfully told him,she fell down while descending the stairs and got a severe bone fracture. She was tearfully saying no one was around to help her,unable to bear the pain ,she burst into crying. Now,Vishal was caught in a dilemma,thinking of whom he should worry. He wanted to tend his mother and take her to hospital. Telling his mother he'll be right there, he called up his uncle to fetch priya if he could at the sooner, while he take his mother to the hospital. On learning about the situation, he was extremely frustrated. He knew priya was not feeling well.He looked out of the windows to see the weather, he was completely taken aback when he saw dark clouds covering up the sky. An immense fear mixed with anxiety invaded his mind.He made up his mind to leave office that instant,though it was not the hour.Just as he was getting ready to set out,he was informed that their director was on his way for an important visit at his office. An anxiety swept across his mind.He looked up the time, it was 2:45pm.He felt extremely hopeless for he could not ignore his officer too.He calculated the time blindly and waited for the director impatiently.Each minute seemed an hour for him.When he noticed that their director hasn't turned up till 2:50pm,his whole calculations came crashing down. He became certain, he would be even late than usual. Instantly ,he rang up vishal.He was told that he had just reached the hospital and his mother could barely walk. Shekhar hung up the phone. He felt completely lost and hopeless and to worsen his distressful atmosphere, the rain suddenly poured down accompanied with storm. It seemed to him like the thunder was falling upon him.Instantly, he remembered priya's condition in the morning how she fainted twice out of exhaustion due to her high fever and cold. His heart sank in great despair on imagining how she might have endured in the cold rain.Constantly, he began to pray to endow her the slightest strength to bear just for a few more days, as it was also a few days left for him to take her to america for her treatment. In the meantime, their v.i.p reached his place, but luckily he stayed only for 10 minutes. The moment he left,shekhar skidded away in his car.He looked up his watch, it was 3:15pm and he presumed the possibility of her presence in the place......
He accelerated his car at top speed. He felt his ear burned and chest tighten at the thought of what might have happened to her.Beads of sweat covered his face. As he drove, he was now only a few yards away from the place. Also,the rain had almost ceased ,and a bright sunshine was spreading across the sky.Ashe neared, the view of the boulevard became clear and visible .But to his horror, he saw no one standing among the trees ...negative thoughts began to creep into his mind.He quickly steered his car towards the entrance,.There he encountered the most terrific sight ,he saw priya lying completely drenched and motionless on the path.Horrified by her state, he quickly rushed into her and knelt down to observe her .His mouth went dry in fear.He held her wrist,it was icy cold. His fear was increasing ....Anxiously,he searched for her pulse everywhere,but perhaps he was too late for it,her heart had already stopped beating ...Helplessly,he tried every method to revive her,he tried rubbing her feet and hands,but all his efforts proved fruitless.Feeling devastated by his futile attempts ,he sat on the ground with priya lying lifelessly on his lap.Realising that he had lost all his hopes, he broke into crying feeling extremely hurted.For quite a long time, he cried hugging her against his chest and blaming himself for the misfortune. He regretted at his delay in taking her for the treatment. He cursed himself thinking, he could have prevented the mishap from happening it,had he arranged to leave earlier. ....Then ,in tears, passionately he flipped her hair from the face to have a final look of her face.But just as he saw her appearance,he was taken aback.He looked her closely once again ,but just to make himself sure that for the first time ever,he saw her smile. And her face neither showed any pain nor any worry, but rather displayed a look of happiness and satisfaction .Shekhar could not comprehend why she was behaving that way.He clearly remembered that,ever since her arrival, he had never seen her smile or laugh except her frowning state.Itwas like a riddle left for him.He recalled every moment spent with her,and subsequently it brought tears to his eyes. He wished if she could have endured just for another three days, he would have taken to america. Heaving out a deep breath, he kissed her on the forehead and gave her his last wishes. Then,he carefully lifted up and placed her at the backseat of his car.Just as he was also about to sit,his eyes caught the sight of a glimmering object lying right at the spot where priya stood. It was the silvered coloured metal watch he bought a few months ago for her to replace her old one.He fetched the watch, but was thrown into a complete bafflement.The glass was cracked badly and it had stopped functioning.The main point of his bafflement was not at its malfunctioning,but the time at which it stopped .The hour hand halted exactly at 3 pm.Instantly,he remembered what priya used to repeatedly utter whenever she got her breakdown,..."i must hurry and wait for him,he is coming at 3:00pm."Shekhar stood there completely dumbfounded and motionless.
....priya stood all alone completely soaked,and by the time, the heavy rain seemed to ceased for a second.Suddenly a gust of wind blew past her.From the far end of the highway, she heard the sound of an approaching bike. Excitedly with great expectation she turned towards the sound to look at it.And it really came towards her direction.Suddenly, without any reason her heart began to pound rapidly .She watched him without making a blink,totally mesmerised.The bike slowed down on nearing her standing place.Parking the bike the man walked towards her.He wore a black white stripped man shirt and a well ironed black formal pant.Taking off his helmet, he gave a broad smile at her that exposed his white pearline teeth.Priya kept staring at him with wide eyes and a cheerful smile.She was spellbounded by the sight of her most eagerly awaited person,satya.Too much engrossed in watching her beloved, she even forgot to greet him. Just then,satya took jer hand, and in a gentle voice,he said, "Dear,you have been waiting for long,let's go".By then, the clock struck 3:00pm.
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