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[Saturday]27 May.2017
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Meaning of girlfriend mathematically:-
1-addition of problems subtraction of money.
2-multiplication of enemies division of friends

A short story to prove the above theorem ........

Nilu,a jovial natured girl .she liked making frienship with everyone including the boys.Among them Rohan and Niky were her trusted pals.But her friendship was not accepted by the boys in the same way she had towards them.They had secretly developed a different feeling for her ,but concealing from each other.One day, niky proposed her,....angeredby his unexpected and unwanted behaviour,nilu broke their friendship.The news of his proposal was kept hidden though. Few days later, rohan, proposed her,,this time nilu rejected flatly....embarassed by her bold rejection, rohan broke their friendship.A few days later, the two boys came to know the reason behind her rejection ....she had liked Andy,a friend to both the boys..... Conclusion :all the three friends got separated .. This story is just meant for entertainment, enjoy it..!
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Cristaino knti mangang malefi : anouba esei hek lakpaga hprk u

Cristaino knti mangang malefi : Ricknta atomcha vs knti mangang

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snmcha pebam : undated esei upload se khra tappe yaragadi khra2 nganna upload twbirk o

yenkhomjitendra : Swamikumar na sakpa angouba chebang khuding nangi wari songdu download touba jade, khara haibiradi fani

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