"Match found "
A boy and a girl fell in love with each other very deeply. One unlucky day,the boy met an accident ....and as a consequence he lost both his legs.He was told ,he would not be able to stand on his feet again. Extremely hurt at his illuck,he decided to stay away from the girl and not let her involve in his misery.
But the girl kept showing up,she clung onto him saying she would never leave him despite his impairment.
The boy said "if you truely love me,fulfill my ladt wish,i want to see you with someone that match your standard". Finally in tears, the girl left.
The girl texted him...."i've found my life partner, a perfect match for me,and i m going to meet him now....pliz wish me good luck". His heart sank as he read the msg he felt extremely sad, thinking she would be gone forever from him.With trembling hands, he replied her back,..."good luck,all the best .."he could not write further ...Out of grief he cried inaudibly. Just as the text was sent,he heard a soft knock at the door of his room.Wiping off the tears,he called to come in... The door opened wide.There on the wheelchair was the girl smiling gladly....said,
"your wish really worked "
-The end-
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tombaoinam : hi

Parihal Okram : samlangna khumlibi singer prem takhellambam

Arjun Huidrom : nahani eikhoi aduigi video do haprkO

Bankim Asem : arbingi esei anouba khara pami

victor haobam : amta check toubi u genine ni..

victor haobam : eina thakhkhiba eseiga amata thorakte gyan mente da

sonuran elangbam : Ariba lila kharaga amsung Mahabharat B-Series atei kharaga hppirk o mp3

sonuran elangbam : Ariba lila kharaga amsung Mahabharat B-Series atei kharaga hppirk o

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